Nico Russo is a editor and designer for a multitude of media including miniseries, feature films, ads, news channels and documentaries.  

From a young age, Nico naturally gravitated to filmmaking and would spend countless hours creating videos with friends and family.  As a teenager he started working in a local TV station until he was given his chance as an editor at Endemol. Since then, Russo has contributed to the work of big corporations like MTV and Turner and worked on a variety of shows, as well as tv and news channels. 

His passion for technology, combined with his love for art, naturally led him to pursue studying industrial design, so he started a 3 year course and got a degree in 2015.

As a result of this and his experience in news gathering, Nicolas founded SUPERGRAPH: a news UI (user interface) that adapts it´s contents to the place where is being showed. His work has been featured in 2015 and 2016 Media Party as a innovative product for journalism such as well as being awarded with a grant by IAE business school in 2015.




TWITTER @iksoviet